BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera Software

!What's new!:

  • 09/08/2000: new FOTlist up to 30 July 2000
  • 12/05/2000: new response matrices available: in total 400 ! for 25 pixel positions, 8 epochs and 2 WFCs
  • 12/05/2000: tool to select response matrix
  • 07/01/2000: update WFC analysis walk through
  • 05/01/2000: new patches for cdi_stability.c (Stage II) and wgain.f (Stage I) (click with right mouse button to retrieve, put these files in your WFC software distribution directories /src/cdi and /src/wgain, respectively). The cdi_stability.c patch solves the pixel -> coordinate problem with cdi described below.

    Wide Field Camera (WFC) software has been developed by Gerrit Wiersma and Jaap Schuurmans at SRU/SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands (SRON WFC site). All product files created by this package are in ascii or FITS format (OGIP compatible)(link to NASA FITS support Office) . The dialogue with the programs is through runstring and parameter files.

    This software is available for DEC Unix 3.2 and HP-UX operating systems. It uses FTOOLS4.0 (but not FTOOLS4.2 !) and currently runs on various platforms at least at Utrecht (SRON: HP), Rome (SAX/SDC: both HP and DEC, IAS: DEC, 2 installations) , Palermo (GIFCO, University of Palermo: DEC) and Napoli (Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte: DEC). At the INTEGRAL SDC in Versoix, Switzerland, local users made the software run under Solaris 2.5 on a SUN system. Finally, at Goddard Space Flight Center (USA) the software now runs under SunOS 5.6.

    The software package (accompanied by a release and specific installation note) is freely available at the SAX SDC ftp server. The latest version available is 105-108 of July 20, 1998.

    You can test your installation of the software by applying it to Crab test data. This data is supplied both in FOT and FITS format (see the helpfile). If you have difficulty transferring these data (or other problems, comments or queries) , contact the address given below.

    In the WFC Cookbook, which is included in the WFC Software distribution, it is stated erroneously that a programme "wresp" is available to generate response matrices for a given pixelposition of each WFC. Instead, in total 400 response matrices for 25 positions for each WFC and for 8 epochs (because the gain varies in time) have been made available.
    Click here with right mouse button (Save link as ..) to retrieve gzipped tar file of 16.4Mbyte containing matrices + explanation,
    Click here with right mouse (Save link as ..) to retrieve perl script tool to select appropriate response matrix.

    Installation help:
  • General instructions
  • Specific help for software version105108
  • Software version 105108 release notes
  • Known bug now solved with new cerr.c. Click on right mouse button to retrieve
  • Patch for cdi: reading goodtime interval files.
  • Patch for pixel -> coordinate projection. However, the cdi_stability.c patch of 05/01/2000 replaces the one in the 0209 99.tar.gz file

    Analysis help:
  • Data flow
  • General software help
  • A walk through basic WFC data reduction

    Detector efficiency:
  • Energy-efficiency plot for WFC1

    Spectral calibration:
  • Channel-energy conversion table
  • Channel-energy band plot
  • Crab on axis spectral calibration

    Flux calibration:
  • Crab flux in WFC1 over 2 years (8/96 - 10/98)
  • Cas A flux in WFC1 over 1 year (7/96 - 8/97)

    Position calibration:
  • Energy dependence of off-set Crab position

    List of all WFC FOTS:
  • List of all tapes with WFC data

    FOT quality:
  • WFC FOT quality report 16/07/2004 prepared by SRON, The Netherlands

    (Retrieve by pressing your rightmost mousebutton and choosing Save link in pop-up menu)

  • Frequently Asked Miscellaneous Questions (e.g., examples of images, effective area, sensitivity limit, star trackers)

  • The beautiful WFC site at SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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