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XRT Anomaly state (2014 June 4-10)

The XRT instrument entered an anomaly state on beginning at 00:23 UT on 2014 June 4 and ending at 17:58 UT on June 10th. During this time interval, some data have been collected as part of the diagnostic and recovery process. Data taken in Windowed Timing mode are indistinguishable from data taken in normal operations, and are safe to use. In Photon Counting mode, the data have not been collected in the normal manner (there is no on-board bias subtraction, and the on-board low-energy threshold has been raised to 0.5 keV), and the calibration is unverified. These data should not be used for spectroscopy or photometry, however positions derived from these data are not degraded compared to normal operations. We note that for some obsIDs no scientific data have been collected as a consequence of the on-going recovery operations. Information regarding the anomaly has been announced in GCN Circ. 16349, GCN Circ. 16356 and GCN Circ. 16378.