BeppoSAX AO5

SPASS (SAX Proposals Automatic Submission Server)

The complete proposal submission procedure is explained in details in the BeppoSAX AO5 Announcement of Opportunity. In the following we only remind the fundamental steps and requirements.

In order to submit a proposal, every observed must accomplish the following steps:

The Proposal Form must be submitted via e-mail. For AO5 the submission of the Scientific Justification Form in postscript (.pdf, .doc or .sdw) format (deposited in SDC ftp server as described in the BeppoSAX AO5 Announcement of Opportunity ) is mandatory.

SPASS is an user-friendly interface in WWW environment for the electronic submission of the Proposal Form only.
Note that WFC proposals are not supported by SPASS. A WFC proposal template can be found here.

We just remind hereafter the general structure of the Proposal Form.

The overall structure of a Proposal Form is the following:

The General Information Form includes Investigators' infos, Proposal title and abstract. One Form for each proposal must be filled

The Pointing Information Form includes target name and coordinates, temporal duration and constraints for each pointing. One Form for each pointing must be filled, even if they refer to the same target, unless a special temporal constraints is requested that allows to fill just one Target Form and a special Number of Pointing keyword. The relevant Temporal Constraints are:

The Instrument Information Form includes the experimental configuration of each instrument per pointing. One Form for each instrument to be used must be filled.

An Additional Information Form must be filled in case of TOO observation and can be filled in case of STANDARD observations with special requirements, especially temporal ones.

The Scientific Justification Form must be submitted via the SDC ftp server as described in the BeppoSAX AO5 Announcement of Opportunity. It cannot be written with SPASS.

After starting SPASS, one will be asked to fill first the General Information and then each Pointing and any relevant Instrument Form. Each Form will be validated separately against trivial format or out-of-range errors, according to a step-by-step procedure. After the last Instrument Form has been filled, the observer will be asked to submit the proposal. The submission automatically sends via e-mail the Proposal Form to A copy is also sent to the Principal Investigator e-mail address.

WARNING: A maximum number of 10 Co-Is is presently available with SPASS. If the proposal include more than 10 Co-Is, we suggest the following procedure:

IMPORTANT: If during the validation of your proposal you'd find a 500 Server Error message, it would be greatly appreciated if you:

Remember: no asterisk("*") can be used in any field of an HTML form

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