example cshell script file to set WFC environment variables and paths

#!/bin/csh -f

# define your WFC software distribution directory DIST, e.g.,
setenv DIST /DIST105108

# define subdirectories containing executables, scripts,
# calibration files, and catalog for iros
setenv WFC_TOP $DIST
setenv WFC_BIN $DIST/bin
setenv WFC_ETC $DIST/etc
setenv WFC_CAL $DIST/cal
setenv WFC_CAT $DIST/lib/catalogs/XRAYSOURCESCAT

# define your ftools directory, e.g.,
setenv FTOOLDIR /ftools/ftools

# define science selection using an ascii file you can modify, e.g.,
setenv W_SELSCI /your_path/selsci.fil

# alternative: point to standard distribution science selection file:
setenv W_SELSCI $DIST/etc/wfc_sel_sci

# define your tape drive, e.g.,
setenv TAPE /dev/nrmt0a

# fits origin has to be 1 string only (not words separated by spaces)
# for use in fits file headers
setenv WFC_FITSORIG user_you

# include your WFC installation in your path, e.g.,
set path = ( . $DIST $WFC_ETC $WFC_BIN $WFC_CAL $path )

# ending

The above script winit can now be called by typing

source winit

at your UNIX prompt, or including this statement in the .cshrc file in your root directory.

This page is maintained by Hans Muller (SAX/SDC - SRON)

Latest update: March 21 1999