lcv2ogip, OGIP Rate files


lcv2ogip, extract an OGIP format complying lightcurvefile from a lcv outputfile. (OGIP/93-003, on FITS format Rate files)


The program can be started with no arguments at all, in which case the parameter values are taken from the parameterfile.
Alternatively, values can be passed via the commandline, the required items as command arguments, the optional ones as valued switches.

The last form (-q) creates the parameterfile in $PFILES.

The table lists all the parameters used by lcv, the second column lists the parameter key names used in the parameterfile, the first column gives the corresponding switch letter.

lcv parameters
resfile stringi lcv file, lcv output file
ogip-lcv stringo ogip-lcv, ogip complying rate file.
eextn inti lcv extension serial number, lightcurves for different energy ranges are stored in separate extensions.
-xtnsname stringi OGIP ratefile extension name, default is 'RATE'.
ttimename stringi OGIP 'time' column name, this column is NOT present in the output ratefile, unless it is named, eg. "-tTIME".
xratename stringi 'rate' column name, default value is 'RATE'.
ssname stringi name-list of the sources in the inputfile to be processed.

p, L, i StageII global switches

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