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ky image from iros.


eci - restore X-ray sources in reduced sky image from iros.


The program can be started with no arguments at all, in which case the parameter values are taken from the parameterfile.
Alternatively, values can be passed via the commandline, the required items as command arguments, the optional ones as valued switches.

The last form (eci -q) creates the parameterfile in $PFILES.

The table lists all the parameters used by eci, the second column lists the paramater key names used in the parameterfile, the first column gives the corresponding switch letter.

eci parameters
expfile stringi .res, reduced skyimage
rsyfile stringo restored sky image, .sky
m mode inti decorate the restored sources with a cross, value gives length (pixels) of cross

p, L, i StageII global switches


Correlate reads a detector-image, reconstructing the celestial image for each detector plane in the detector-image file. The output image data are normalised with respect to the exposure time (FITS key EXPOSE in di) and the effective detector area, pixel data unit is cts/sec.cm2.

  • binning, celestial pixel size - as defined in the instrument-file(FITS)
  • linearisation, correcting the non-linearities in position and area of detector pixels.



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