catalog error

The cerr program allows to compare the source positions detected in an observation with those found in a catalog.
Input is an iros outputfile.

Example for a Crab field:

cerr -p  WOP819_w1_4bands_iros_d1.res

gives output:

 cerr[1.07]                             Wed Aug  5 11:48:12 1998  page    1
             iros file: WOP819_w1_4bands_iros_d1.res
        source catalog: /DIST105108/lib/catalogs/XRAYSOURCESCAT
              pointing: 05h45m36.63s +29d02m43.46s (173.130 deg)
                           catalog-position             WOP819_w1_4bands_iros_d1.res diff (arcmin)
   X0531+219  (PLX-1266  ) 05h34m28.72s +22d01m19.01s  05h34m28.72s +22d01m19.01s    0.862 arcmin
  mean difference 0.862 (0.000) arcmin   (== 0.177 pix.)