Startracker configuration codes

During the breakdown of nearly all gyroscopes of SAX, the method to reach and maintain the pointing of the satellite was changed. Accordingly, in the attitude file of each FOT a column is added among the coordinates, which denotes the sensors in use at each time. In this way the precision of the pointing can be followed in time. The startrackers are known by the satellite axis which they stabilise (-X,Y,Z).

CodeSensors in use
0Quadrant sun sensor + gyro
1-X startracker + gyro
2+Y startracker + gyro
3+Y startracker + -X startracker
4+Z startracker + gyro
5+Z startracker + -X startracker
6+Z startracker + +Y startracker
7+Y startracker + Quadrant sun sensor

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Latest update: March 16 1999