How To Get The Data

BeppoSAX data are distributed to PIs in form of Final Observation Tapes (FOTs).

LECS and MECS SAXDAS linearized and screaned event files (*lev*flt.fits files) are generated automatically at SDC during the process of Observation Quality Check. These files are equivalent to ROSAT or ASCA linearized event files and can be directly analyzed with popular X-ray analysis packages like XSELECT and XIMAGE.

The linearized event files, along with the products of the Supervised Standard Analysis (spectra, images and light curves), to be used as a Scientific Quick look, are stored in a archive. Access to the data (photon event files and final products) is protected. The PI of the observation will receive a password to access the data through the network (via NETSCAPE for example).

Only when the data right of a given observation expires the access to the photon event files and to the Scientific Quick look will be unprotected.

During the Observation Quality Check housekeeping, ratemeters, attitude and auxiliary quantities fits files are also produced, along with plots, in form of postscript files, of a selection of relevant parameters. Also these fits and postscript files are stored in the archive and can be accessed by the PI of the observation through the network.

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