Primary Pointings

This page provides the BeppoSAX short-term planning for the current week.
( Core Program and Guest Observers Program -GOP-)
Only Primary pointings i.e. the targets requested by the observer are present.

For the WFC Secondary Pointings click here

Target Name PI Name RA(2000) DEC(2000) InstStart date (*) End date (*)
(hh mm ss)(o ' '' )
Coma Cluster Luigina Feretti 12 59 34.8 27 56 42.0 NFI 31-12-2000 07:47:5307-01-2001 04:43:28
Circinus Galaxy Giorgio Matt 14 13 9.4-65 20 20.4 NFI 07-01-2001 06:16:2309-01-2001 23:27:13

(*) Please note that the periods between the end of one observation and the start of the next one is
reserved for the manoeuvres and therefore is not listed in this table.

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Last update: jan 01, 2001