Primary Pointings

This page provides the BeppoSAX short-term planning for the current week.
( Guest Observers Program -GOP-)
Only Primary pointings i.e. the targets requested by the observer are present.

For the WFC Secondary Pointings click here

Target Name PI Name RA(2000) DEC(2000) InstStart date (*) End date (*)
(hh mm ss)(o ' '' )
IRAS16571+2903 Matteo Guainazzi 16 59 8.6 28 59 31.2 NFI 06-02-2002 07:06:3511-02-2002 07:41:20

(*) Please note that the periods between the end of one observation and the start of the next one is
reserved for the manoeuvres and therefore is not l isted in this table.

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Last update: Feb. 04, 2002