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E-mail Proposal Form Submission

The proposal forms (without the Scientific Justification) must be sent via e-mail to:

to arrive no later than May 21, 2001 .

The Scientific Justification in postscript (.pdf, .doc or .sdw) format must be deposited at the BeppoSAX SDC ftp server as follows:

Name : ftpao5
Password: SAXAO5
ftp> mkdir dirname

(Create a directory with name constructed using the first five letters of the PI's last name followed by _ and a number to distinguish between different proposals sent by the same PI; e.g. the first proposal sent by a PI named Einstein should be stored into a directory named einst_1)

ftp> cd dirname
ftp> bin
ftp> put
(or your_file.[ps.Z/pdf/doc/sdw])
ftp> quit

to arrive no later than May 21, 2001.

Paolo Giommi 2001-04-20